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Learning the Principles of Design

This past week, I was challenged to recreate a few of the 7 seven Principles of Designs. Although, it wasn’t my best work. It was still an interesting challenge because I could only use squares as my design element along with black and white paper. Check it out!

Harmony – Proximity
Harmony – Repetition and Rhythm
Harmony – Continuation
Symmetrical Balance
Asymmetrical Balance
Radial Balance
Focal Point – Contrast
Focal Point – Isolation
Focal Point – Placement
Focal Point – Placement Pt.2
Focal Point – One Element
Scale and Proportion

So, yeah! It wasn’t my best work. But it was definitely challenging. Especially trying to recreate design concepts like focal points using only one element or placement because you tend to seriously overthink them. Being that this is my first project, I know that it might not get the best grade but it will help me dust off those creative juices and get them flowing a little bit better than they are.

But Hey! Tell me what you think below! Let me what I can do differently. Or tell me you think I need to work more on!

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