Living in the Element

Not too long ago, I decided to go back to school to pursue another degree. NO! It’s not in Communications but in something I’ve dabbled in awhile now, Graphic Design and Illustration. I know, I know… WHAT WAS I THINKING! But surprisingly, the journey hasn’t been that bad. In fact, I’m learning a lot of new things about myself as well as discovering the old things that have always made me happy.

The first couple weeks were not as exciting as they are now. And I say that with much conviction. Instead of diving into the art of drawing, designing and creating, I spent those weeks learning to live in the element. And by elements, I mean: Line, Shape, Value, Space and Color.

With this assignment, I was challenged each week to express and capture a few elements as specific emotions. The emotions given were: Love, Hate, Joy, Confusion and Fear with Sadness being traded out on the third week. Now I must say again, this project isn’t my best work but simply just an exercise to explore the Elements of Design and how people interpret them. Check it out.

1. Line

From Left to Right: Love, Hate, Joy, Confusion and Fear

2. Shape

From Left to Right: Love, Hate, Joy, Confusion and Fear

3. Shading/Value

From Left to Right: Love, Hate, Joy, Confusion and Fear

Now, as you can see, a few of the shapes are weird. But what I tried to do was take what I was thinking or imagining, and put it on paper by simply feeling each emotion. I thought about things that either made me happy, scared or confused. Surprisingly, many of the concepts from each of my classmates were actually similar. For instance, everyone interpreted Hate and Fear almost the same exact way or confused what they interpreted as Love and Confusion.

4. Color

From Left to Right: Love, Hate, Joy, Sadness and Fear

Now, with the last set, my professor decided to change one of the emotions to Sadness. Which wasn’t too hard to convey because when most people think of Sadness they think of a cold, empty feeling that tends to represent the color blue. A color that can also be used to sometimes represent Fear.

Now, as I said before, this wasn’t my best work, but I challenge you guys to convey your emotions in the use of elements. Try thinking of the first thing that comes to mind that either make you happy or angry and simply put it on paper.

I guarantee you will enjoy it. Signing out, The Girl on the Field.

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