Using Line Elements and Principles

First project of the semester! And, I must say that this was indeed one of the most challenging designs I’ve done to date.

Using only a few elements of design, I was challenged to demonstrate the understanding of lines using a variety of styles, thicknesses, and directions in my compositions. I was also instructed to produce a series of exercise studies to explore these different types of lines.

Check it out!

Exercise 1: Convey Emotions Through Lines

9 thumbnail drawings: Convey 9 emotions and make an abstract line representing them.
Top Left to Right: Confusion, Love, Hate
Middle Left to Right: Anxious, Happy, Peace
Bottom Left to Right: Inspired, Scared, Curiousity

Exercise 2: Use Contour and Cross-Contour Lines to Show 3D Aspects

9 thumbnail precision line drawings exploring contour and cross-contour lines. Draw 3D objects – show the 3D aspects via cross-contour lines
Top Left to Right: Bottle, Apple, Banana
Middle Left to Right: Pear, Ball, Box
Bottom Left to Right: Coffee Mug, Birthday Hat, Baseball Cap

Exercise 3: Use Diagonal Lines to Explore Line Compositions

9 thumbnail precision line drawings exploring diagonal line compositions.

Exercise 4: Use Horizontal Lines to Explore Line Compositions

9 thumbnail precision line drawings exploring horizontal line compositions

Exercise 5: Use Vertical Lines to Explore Line Composition

9 thumbnail precision line drawings exploring vertical line compositions

Now, I will admit. These exercises were not easy. Especially when it came to thinking of 9 original lines that involved either vertical or horizontal lines. I say that because each had to be different and if you are a person like me, the first thing you will think about is, “how in the Hell can a make 9 different vertical and horizontal lines look different.” I legit start running out of ideas and before I knew it, my brain was fried.

However, I did it and made it to the final project of creating a a self portrait or a composition that is a representation of myself through other shapes and/or objects. Now, this part of the project was fun and really made me think outside the box because I often think of myself as being very complex with a lot of layers. And if anyone knows, they know it will have a hint of Alice in Wonderland or Disney somewhere in it.

Check it Out!

Thumbnail Sketches of Ideas

Using the Process of Elimination: This was the first few sketches I of particular items that felt like represented me in a way that either dealt with what my life consisted of.
I used this this thumbnails to help me figure out my background.

Rough Draft!!!

Getting the lines just right!

So…As you can see, I use a lot of TIME, layers and lines as well as a few shapes. But most importantly, I depicted a whimiscal composition that relates to my use of time and self reflection.

The Final Project!!!

Tell me what you think! Leave your comments or suggestions below! Check out my Tumblr and Instagram to see more of my work.

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