Bringing Dollie to Life: Cut Paper Composition

So, mid semester is here and so are all the projects! However, this go around, I get the pleasure of bringing one of my long time designs and frustrations to life. Yes, that is right. I finally created a short story and art piece for my girl Dollie.

Now, I will not say it is my ideal composition but it was definitely a well needed one. I say that because it actually made me think and ponder on who I wanted Dollie to be. A question that I’ve struggled with for quite some time now.

So! What was the Challenge this time?!

The piece I was challenge to this go around was a Cut Paper Composite where I had to create a story (fiction or nonfiction) for a portfolio piece. The story could be autobiographical, original fiction, or inspired by an existing story. But I could not use an existing story that had popular imagery already attributed to it.

Dollie and Spike Save the Day!

With little time to spare, Dollie and Spike spring into action to fix Sophie’s dress in time for her ball.

To create this story, I had to do 3-5 sketches and organize the objects into a foreground, middle ground, and background space.

Check it out.

1. Background Space

Floor of Sophie’s apartment

2. Middle Ground

The wall and the cityscape

As you can see, What I did for the floor was extend it enough to meet the actual wall with no gaps in between.

3. Fore Ground

Sophie sleeping and Spike’s bed and bowl
Dollie and Spike completing the dress with a pile of fabric behind them.

The Final Piece!

So, I will say that cutting all this out was not the happiest moment of my life. And I will admit that it didn’t come out completely perfect like I hoped. But seeing it all come together was actually refreshing and rewarding. However, I will say this. I am not completely sold on whether or not if I want this to be her actually story. But it does let me know that she is capable of actually having one.

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE!!! Over the weekend I made a few minor adjustments to the composition. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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