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BFA Student Exhibit Final Critque!​

The BFA Student Exhibit is an exhibition of for Seniors to showcase few projects or pieces that they have been working on throughout the semester.

This past week, I had the luxury of visiting the exhibit during some downtime in between sketches. And I must say, the showcase was absolutely amazing.

Check out few of the exhibits below.

Nadeen Al Senan: Two Cultures of Romantic Beauty Comparison
Nadeen Al Senan: Two Cultures of Romantic Beauty Comparison

Digital Art

My all-time favorite throughout the exhibit had to be Tink Pendergrass. I liked her’s because of her use of digital illustration. I felt like her pieces also flowed the most to me because I could connect to the story in which was being told.

Check it out!

Tink Pendergrass: The Fool, The Hermit, and The Hierophant

I also like her use of color throughout the exhibit. I felt like it played into the mystery of it and gave it a more creepy, Tim Burton feel.

But Tink’s was not the only one I enjoyed. I felt like it was so hard to choose just one from the bunch. I will say that this exhibit did give me a little anxiety knowing that I will be up for this same exhibition when I reach the end of my program. However, for now, I will just continue to look for to them for inspiration and push towards my desired field of choice.

As always, tell me what think in the comments below!

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