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Final Project of the Semester

With the semester coming to a close, so are the projects. However, I will say that this semester has definitely been a challenge for me.

But let’s not waste anytime and dive right into it.

For my final 2D Design project, I was asked to create an exhibit-ready series of compositions that express emotions through the foundational elements and principles of design.

I had to choose six emotions that either interest me or that spoke to my personality. But, the six emotions had to include at least two pairs (4 of the 6) of contrasting emotions, such as love and hate or happy and sad.

Check it out!

Sketching and Planning it out!

During this process, I sketched out a few ideas and paired them up with a few of the principles to see which ones I liked and didn’t like.

The Emotions

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Love
  4. Hate
  5. Anxiety
  6. Confusion
Top: Happiness
Bottom: Love
Top Left: Confusion
Top Right: Sadness
Bottom Left: Hate
Bottom Right: Anxiety

My Emotional Pair

I chose Confusion and Anxiety as my emotional pair because the two are so similar in feeling. However, I wanted to give Anxiety more a cooler tone and confusion a more warmer feel.

This was project was definitely fun to create. It made me think outside the box when it comes to designing with shapes, colors, and lines.

Tell me what you think or would have done below.

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