This past week, I had the luxury of visiting the exhibit during some downtime in between sketches. And I must

For my final 2D Design project, I was asked to create an exhibit-ready series of compositions that express emotions through

With black television making its debut in the 70s, it is no surprise that most were spin-offs from popular

The piece I was challenge to this go around was a Cut Paper Composite where I had to create a

With Spring Break quickly making its arrival, this past week, I decided to take a visit to the University of

I was challenged to demonstrate the understanding of lines using a variety of styles, thicknesses, and directions in my compositions.

I was challenged each week to express and capture a few elements as specific emotions. The emotions given were: Love,

This past week, I was challenged to recreate a few of the 7 seven Principles of Designs.

Known for his vivid and grand imagination, Tim Burton has been one of the most successful directors in Hollywood.

Marvel's Black Panther rakes in 41 million this weekend with A Wrinkle Time following right behind them. It's was a Disney